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Total downloads: 435
as December 4th, 2018


Feuer und Elektro: A tribute to Rammstein v1.1
(Formerly known as Rammstein Remixes)

Release date: January 15th, 2016


Feuer und Elektro 2: A tribute to Rammstein

Release date: November 8th, 2018



1.- Mein Teil (Well done remix)

2.- Ich Will (V.L.F. did it too remix)

3.- Los (The nameless remix)

4.- Links 2 3 4 (Electro-industrial remix)

5.- Sehnsucht (A nostalgic remix from Mexiko)

6.- Bück Dich (Electro VS Metal remix feat. VanValia)

7.- Waidmanns Heil (Meltdown remix)

8.- Du Hast (Until electro-death do us part remix)

9.- Sonne (Industrial dance remix)

10.- Pussy (Un quickie freson remix)



1.- Rammlied (This is not a funny remix feat. Phaeton)

2.- Rammstein (Air base remix)

3.- Sonne (The sun is glitched remix)

4.- Feuer Frei! (44 degrees remix feat. VanValia)

5.- Hallelujah (Pray for this remix feat. Phaeton & Casperawh)

6.- Du Riechst So Gut (Full moon remix)

7.- Spieluhr (Electro music box remix)

8.- Amerika (Stars and Stripes remix)

9.- Engel (Fallen Angel remix feat. Lily Arciniega)

10.- Seemann (Nautical remix)



Why your remixes aren't on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify anymore?

Due to licenses agreements, I cannot offer them anymore on these plataforms.


Were you selling them ilegal?

Nope, I had licenses and was paying royalties.


If they were legal, why you cannot offer them again on these plataforms?

This is because (I think) management's decision. UMPG checked my first licenses and they gave me green light for the first album.


That sucks!

I know! I did my best to fix this. But I didn't got a response.


Does this changes your way you see / support Rammstein?

HELL NO! Rammstein is my favorite band ever. I will still support them forever. I will still buy their music. I will still going to EVERY SINGLE concert they do in my city!


Are you going to produce more Rammstein Remixes?

For the moment, my answer is no. It is very time consuming.

I spent more than 300+ hours for each album to produce them and I'm not rich to pay for electricity, food, etc... to leave my job and focus in production.


Are you going to produce anything else Rammstein related?

I want to upload vlogs, experimental videos and other stuff to my YouTube channel.

They will be Rammstein releated. So be sure to subscribe so you don't miss them!


Thank you for your support!

- Alambrix